4 p s business presentation research

4 p s business presentation research

My part is the 4 p’s

  • Product & packing
  • Price (address issues of in-market cost/price escalation)
  • Promotion
  • Place

Proceed with your thinking for small-scale rugged weather resistant solar (PV) panels – but for Indonesia…which is currently recovering from major storms. Perhaps too with some battery storage, tied to an ‘inverter’ for domestic AC appliances.




The team will need :

  1. macroeconomic data – to determine affordability on pricing.
  2. identify an NGO to support partial funding or to subsidize pricing.

In Market Opportunities: https://www.worldvision.org/disaster-relief-news-stories/2018-indonesia-earthquake-facts







Why the offshore market presents an opportunity

Over the last hundred years, Indonesia has suffered a few hundred different types of natural disasters from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to cyclones and floods. Over the past few months, Indonesia has experienced a 7.5 earthquake that triggered a tsunami and multiple landslides with over 600 aftershocks resulting in massive destruction and casualties. These conditions provide a great need for survival tools. The portable, foldable solar panel meets a need for surviving natural disasters that continue to afflict Indonesians each year. In an emergency, the solar panel can be picked up and carried along with other belongings to a safe location and then easily opened and can immediately begin being used. This allows the consumer instant access to power to charge phones, radio, heaters and other necessary items.

2. What is product “fit”, macro market numbers, target share

3. Current and prospective competition

Solar Power Indonesia is a prospective competitor. Solar Power Indonesia currently manufactures and sells solar panels for renewable energy in Indonesia. While they don’t currently sell portable solar panels, they are fully equipped to do so if they decide to enter that specific market.

Contained Energy is a prospective competitor. They have manufactured and installed several hundred renewable energy projects throughout Indonesia to homes, businesses, off-grid locations, and communities that are aiming to grow. Contained Energy does not sell portable solar panels, but does pose a threat.

Alibaba is a current competitor. Alibaba is a website platform that connects buyers directly to manufacturers. Each portable solar panel costs $28.00 and can be bought in any quantity. While there isn’t a current business operating to send portable solar panels to Indonesia directly from Alibaba, this platform provides avenues for anyone to create a business.

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