5 1 health poster

5 1 health poster

Cross Training

Directions: In this course you have learned about different components of physical fitness and why they are all important. In this lesson you will have the opportunity to do more research on cross-training.

Imagine a local gym has requested your help in educating their members about the importance of cross-training. They’ve noticed that many members come in and do the same routines or exercises every day with little variation.

Read the article “Cross Training for Fun and Fitness” by the American Council on Exercise found at the site below.


Once you have read the article, your assignment is to design a poster that could be hung in the gym. Your poster should utilize color, words, and pictures to outline the benefits of cross-training. You can use programs such as Paint, Word, Power Point, or Publisher to create your poster.

Save your poster as an rtf, pdf, or jpeg and submit it through the course. Click here for more information on submitting assignments.

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