5 written assignment rough draft of unit plan annotated bibliography

5 written assignment rough draft of unit plan annotated bibliography

5. Written Assignment: Rough Draft of Unit Plan Annotated Bibliography

Written Assignment:
Rough draft of the MATP/residency portfolio annotated bibliography
November 11

How to write an annotated bibliography- YouTube
http://How to write an annotated bibliography https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPhWhRlEWtI

You will include a 5 source minimum annotated bibliography at the end of the unit plan.

This annotated bibliography should be comprised of a variety of text formats that informed your design of the unit plan as well as daily instruction.

At least one source should be from a peer-reviewed journal in your area of study.

No more than two of the 5 sources should be texts assigned in your MAT courses or textbooks used in your classroom.

You must have one technological, digital, media, or web based source

The annotated bibliography must follow APA 6th edition format.

I’m just attaching basically everything. This is based off of 10th grade ELA. THe books we are using this year are: Lord of the Flies, Night, The Giver, Macbeth, and The Glass Menagerie. I am going to be teaching the Macbeth by Shakespear unit along with the research paper. I will also send you any other information needed. I will give you access to my online course as well for more resources.

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