500 750 words gender crime class

500 750 words gender crime class

1) Women Punishment History (Magdalen Laundry) (sources attached)

2) Women Gangs

  • 1.What are the top two issues facing women and/or girls? Explain each in detail. (For example, what is it that makes these issues so concerning? What evidence did you locate that helps to support your ideas about why these are important issues?)
  • 2. What might be some possible reasonable and feasible solutions to these issues?

Focus the majority of your paper on the first part of the prompt as this will help you address reasonable and feasible solutions later on in your paper.

Papers from (The invisible woman Gender, Crime and justice book by Joanne Belknap, Foyrth edition 2014) are attached to be used for the first issue. and papers from the book for the second issue will be posted in the comment due to the limited space for uploading pictures on the assignment post

https://ac-els-cdn-com.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/S03613… (article about the first issue need to be discussed)

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/06/world/europe/ma… (article about the first issue need to be discussed)

http://journals.sagepub.com.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/d… (article about the second issue need to be discussed)

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/1085… (article about the second issue need to be discussed)

In total there will be 5 sources used

to access the articles i will be providing the login user and password for the writer.

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