a geologic tour of oregon

Lab 5 – A Geologic Tour of Oregon


As you have learned in this course, Oregon can be divided into nine geologic provinces. We have focused on one each week, learning about its physical landforms and the geology that makes those landforms possible. Now that we have been through almost all of them, it is time to apply your knowledge of the state’s geology.


Your task is to create a field trip tour guide of the state. Start with this site of Geologic Sightseeing by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.


(You may click on each province on the map to get more information of each). Feel free to explore outside of the website suggestions to find more places of interest. For each province you should include at least two scenic locations and relate the landscape to the geology of the province (one paragraph per location will suffice).

Important: You must organize your field trip stops in chronological order, organizing your field trip stops from the oldest in the state to the most recent. Your focus is to tell the story of Oregon’s formation – how it began to form and has continued to the present day. This may involve more traveling for your (hypothetical) field trip participants, but it will help them to understand the whole story of Oregon in a complete geological way.

In order to accomplish this, read through this site: Oregon: A Geologic History.


Directions for Navigation of the website

This website starts with an introduction. At the bottom of the page, there is a link called “Continue History”. The next page has general information on Plate Tectonics. You may sequence through the pages by clicking on the links or using the bar at the top (under the page title) starting with “Constructing Oregon”

This site divides the state into geologic stages where you can trace the evolution of the geology, starting at the earliest beginnings of the state. At the end of the sequence, there is a timeline that will help you to organize your stop locations.

Additional Instructons

There is quite a bit of leeway for the formatting of this field trip. Think of it as your creation. You may design it using narratives and may include photos if you wish, or perhaps a map. The important aspect is to tell the story of Oregon’s geologic past in a correct, understandable sequence.

Due December 7th @9:000

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