ac116 unit 4 discussion

Esteban Appleby, CPA, is an assistant to the controller of Summerfield Consulting Co. In his spare time, Esteban also prepares tax returns and performs general accounting services for clients. Frequently, Esteban performs these services after his normal working hours, using Summerfield Consulting Co.’s computers and laser printers. Occasionally Esteban’s clients will call him at the office during regular working hours.


Discuss whether Esteban is performing in a professional manner. If you were a manager, what would you do differently in order to make sure your employees are not using the company’s assets for their own benefit? 

Research and analyze the ethical and legal issues involving the use of a company’s assets by employees. Employees should know that the use of a company’s assets is unethical, but many employees do it anyway. Why? 

Does Esteban’s position with the company and his use of the company phone and assets expose the company to potential liability? Why or why not?

Special instructions for this Discussion Board: Use a minimum of two outside sources and cite references. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words in length to adequately discuss this situation.

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