ACCT6120 Corporate Governance

HK Case Study Company Briefing, Semester 2, 2018                                                         

Individual Assignment 5

Report on Impact of Investors, Analysts and Shareholders

Key Focus:Worth: 

Word Count:

Hand-in Date:

Week 8 Lecture20%

2500 words (including all references and appendices).

Tuesday 10am – 09 October 2018

Task Description

Your group have been employed by a group of international investors to advise them on Corporate Governance practices and related issues, as well as how these shape operations, performance and investment prospects at your case company.

You are expected to base your report both on the company disclosures (for example financial reports, corporate governance reports, management analysis and commentary and associated announcements/ disclosures in at least the last 3 years) as well as any other relevant information (news reports, analyses, information about related companies or persons etc.) that you can find.

Your assignment has a focus on corporate governance practices in relation to the ownership structure (including both major and minority shareholders) at your case company, as well as communication with the shareholders in provisions E1-E2.1 of the Hong Kong Corporate Governance code. The CG Code provisions as these apply to main board listings can be found at:

The assignment is composed of two parts. In Part I discuss issues related to compliance with the code. In Part II directly answer the question prompt.

Part I Assessment Of Compliance With Code Provisions

In approximately 500 words report on the compliance with formal aspects of the above code provisions (E1-E2.1) at your case company.

Part II Critical Evaluation

Prompt: Critically evaluate the impact of the ownership structure and the communication with shareholders on the strategy, operations and performance of the company.  In providing this critical evaluation you should take into consideration relevant class materials/readings and an in-depth understanding of your case company circumstances through the years.

Your evaluation needs to identify and reflect on any Corporate Governance issues (for example, agency problems) and (undisclosed) risks that are specific to your company’s context and the assignment topic.  You should also discuss the possible impact of these issues and risks on your case company operations and performance.

Note that your report needs to include sufficient background information and explanations necessary for the reader to understand your company context and the basis for your evaluation.

Formatting Instructions: 

All assignments must strictly conform to specific formatting instructions – see next page. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a penalty of 10% of the maximum marks available.

ACCT6120 Corporate Governance                                                      

HK Case Study Company Briefing, Semester 2, 2018

FormattingInstructions: •• Document type: Microsoft Word (No PDF)Paper size: A4
Margins: Standard
Font: Times New Roman or Calibri
Font size: 11
Line Spacing: Single
Use of additional headings/titles/tables/appendices is your choice. You may refer to an example template (available on Canvas) as a guide.
Assessment Criteria: The degree to which the report addresses the questions set in the assignment briefing.
The degree to which the report shows evidence of clear understanding of the requirements of the Hong Kong Corporate Governance Code in relation to the topic.
The degree to which the report shows evidence of close reading of the company reports and associated disclosures over the past three years.
The degree to which the report shows evidence of additional research on the company which provides contextual detail that is not part of formal company disclosures.
The degree to which the report shows evidence of an understanding of the key issues related to the topic as reflected in the relevant academic literature.
Appropriate word length, grammar and clarity of expression and coherent argument.

Special Consideration And Late Submissions

It is expected that unless an application for special consideration, special arrangement or previously arranged disability adjustment has approved an extension, students will submit all assessments on or before the due date specified. If the assessment is completed or submitted by the student before the due date or within the period of extension, no academic penalty will be applied to the assessment.

If assessments are submitted after the due date or if an extension is not granted, or is granted but work is submitted by a student after the extended due date, the late submission of the assessment will result in an academic penalty as follows:

  1. any assessment submitted after the due time and date (or extended due time and date) will incur a late penalty of 10% of the total marks per 24 hour period, or part thereof, late.
  2. assessments submitted after the “Closing Date” will not be marked or assessed
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