african american history 27

“Coming to the Americas”

Please respond to the following question: (Note: Please respond to the following in at least 175 words.

Examine the extent to which the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai contributed to the development of West African and African- American history.

In your classmate response, support your response with two (2) examples of the cultural patterns of West African kingdoms that have reproduced themselves in America. 5 full sentences.

CLASSMATE RESPONSE: The West African kingdoms were advanced, very skilled and developed. Their state of civilization allowed trade to become part of their economy. They traded goods and valuable items with other regions and controlled the slave trade routes. The kingdoms not only traded goods but they also traded humans with Europeans during the slave trade. The slaves were traded to be sent to the Americas to rebuild or develop the American civilization, utilizing the same skills used in Africa. Due to slavery, the West Africans became the first African Americans.

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