all the instruction is there 14

Answer the 3 short business law essays, 2 pages each. 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced.




Read the Trial Juror’s Handbook and write about four things you found of interest in the Trial Juror’s Handbook.

1. Explain why you choose the those four items.

2. Discuss each item in detail and why it is important.

3. Finally, what was not covered in the JUROR’S HANDBOOK that you think they should add to the HANDBOOK and why should they add it.



on your typed report tell about the following.

1. Your thoughts on the lectures.

2. Tv court visit, your thoughts

3. Your thoughts on the point systm for exams.

4. Your thoughts on preparing reports on the GCC Scholarship program, the GCC Career Center and GCC Student Clubs. (Glendale Community College Ca)

5. Your thoughts on the LA Superior Court form on Serving on a Jury

6. Finally, what changes, if any, would you make to improve the class and the learning experience.



You can watch any court tv program and prepare a typed report On our experience.

Print the Name of Court, tv program and the name of the Judge.

write about what type of case was being heard in the Court, i.e. traffic, civil, criminal, small claims, etc.

write in detail three things you learned from the tv court Visit.

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