anth2 political and economic anthropology 1page

anth2 political and economic anthropology 1page

Consider these words by world-renowned cultural anthropologist Dr Nancy Scheper-Hughes, “As a nation of immigrants, all US citizens should know something about the countries of origin that have replenished and vitalized our country. As a nation that violently displaced its native population and that built its early agricultural plantation economy through the slave trade, we need to understand the cultural, political, and economic legacies of those national events and tragedies.”

She is referring to the topics she teaches in her social/cultural anthropology course at UC Berkeley. Though I am not certain, knowing her work, I believe this to be a statement to the change in the current socio-political environment due to the new presidential administration. Regardless of your political views, and in the context of this class, consider what her statement means by choosing one example that demonstrates a current challenge in our society that stems from these early policies and actions by our early government. The Zimbardo Experiment is relevant as well considering it is regarded as a demonstration of hierarchical power display. Be sure to include information from the assignments, not a review of the assignments, but how they relate to this prompt.

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