application paper 6

This paper asks you to reflect on your own reactions to the film Everybody Loves Babies j (see Module 10 “Complete Information” for more information on film, how to access it, etc.) and to consider what your own reactions tell you about your biases and beliefs. The assignment also asks you to apply course material to help you understand the parenting behaviors depicted in the film. Specifically, please discuss the following issues in your paper:

  1. Briefly discuss what scenes in the film caused you to respond with an ethnocentric viewpoint (e.g., a perception that “parents should NOT do that” or “We are better parents in the US – we would never do that”). That is, reflect on your own ethnotheory about parenting and how it might be ethnocentric. Don’t spend a lot of time describing the event/behavior in the film that caused you to respond ethnocentrically – I’ve seen the film, so I don’t need much detail – BRIEF description.
  2. Then try to move beyond the ethnocentric viewpoint to discuss the common threads or shared goals that characterized all the mothers in the film, including the scenes to which you reacted ethnocentrically. Think about the complexity of parenting in other cultures in relation to the culture’s history, values, politics, economy, and beliefs.
  3. The bulk of the paper should be spent discussing what have you learned that can help you make sense of why the parent did the parenting behaviors depicted in the film. Integrate course concepts, terms, and theories into your discussion as a way to show intercultural knowledge and competence. The best way to do this is to read through your notes and think about which course concepts apply. Provide specific examples and also define and discuss the course concepts as they apply to the examples provided in the film. Consider the consistencies and universals across mothers in varied living situations.


A minimum of two pages (double spaced) minimum, 10 point Times New Roman font (or something comparable), margins no larger than 1 inch. Just your name is the only header necessary. (500 words minimum) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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