asian american 1

asian american 1

Midterm: Conceptualization of Self & Cultural Identity (Individual Assignment)

Identity, Family, and Schooling Experience Paper: This assignment will allow you to explore and address the development of your own ethnic identity, namely race and ethnicity; however, you can also cover topics, such as, class, gender, sexuality, religion and others that you ascribe to. You will be asked to examine how each one aspect of these intersecting identities have formed and how they have affected your experiences. You are expected to do the following:

1) Define each socially constructed identity as supported in the literature.

2) Provide a brief history of your identities within American society (e.g.,

racism, privilege, immigration, etc.).

3) Describe concrete experiences of you growing up that shaped each identity.

4) Examine the messages that you received about your identities from groups

such as your family, school, peer group, and/or religious experiences that

have influenced the perception of yourself, others, and social contexts (e.g.,

schools, government agencies, work force).

5) Incorporate material (e.g., assignments, activities, readings, etc.) that you

learned in class and describe how it relates, explains, or makes you reflect on

your experiences.

A standardized grading rubric for this assignment will be provided as a tool to help gain a clear understanding of this assignment. This paper should be an APA style formatted 5-6 page paper (double spaced) in length, 1 inch font all around with page numbers included. Be sure to cite at least 4-5 peer reviewed scholarly articles and your text book.

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