assigment 9

Test your understanding of Module Six, and complete the Case 6-2 Real-World Case (Enterprise Solutions for Fruit and Vegetable Beverage Manufacturing). The case can be found in the Enterprise Systems for Management Textbook, pages 177–181.

  1. What are some of the tracking issues a fruit and vegetable manufacturer must utilize in an ERP to better ensure success?
  2. What is an “organic system plan,” and what are some of the key features an ERP must include?
  3. Why are some manufacturing systems specific to a product?

Hey the link for the book is the following: This is the link of the text book and credentials to access the book. text:…

Email :

password: audito28

Then you click on “view your digital content” and you going to select “Enterprise Systems for Management Textbook” and select “access content” to obtain the information of the book.

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