assignment 1 coding exercise 1

My COURSE is Leading Teams. Department of Organizational Developing Leadership.

Course Description:

A big part of organizational life takes place in groups. This course focuses on theories of group dynamics and development and focuses on ways that we can effectively lead and participate in groups. Facilitating teams, assessing the development of a team, influencing groups, group roles and group decision-making processes and the dynamics of creating effective virtual teams will all be explored. Students will work in teams in this class and will integrate class learning with their work experience on teams.

Assignment 1: Coding Exercise: you have to read (( class 2 pages 13 – 17 )) attached

Group Observation and Analysis Skill Development

Why: Learn about the intricacies of group behavior and about subjectivity and objectivity in assessment of behavior. You’ll practice coding of team member behavior and learn to assess inter-rater reliability.
What: 2-page paper about what you learned about perception and group dynamics, group observation and analysis, and/or interrater reliability with your partner. (Note: This assignment isn’t intended to build coding competence, rather to create greater awareness of the intricacies of objectivity in group interactions.)

Who: You and one other member of the class

How: Find a YouTube version of 12 Angry Men. View the film clip, or the entire film if you’d like. Each partner should code the transcript independently. Then, compare codings with your partner, calculate and discuss your inter-rater reliability and explore the reasons for differences in ratings. Each partner writes a 2-page paper on your experience of coding and your learnings. Include your inter-rater reliability percentage in each person’s paper, however each pair only needs to supply one copy of the actual transcript ratings.

ME AND MY PARTNER KRISTEN COMPLETE THE CODING ( 12 Angry Men Transcript (8).docx )

you have to write what i learn from this movie and exercises.


Group Observation and Analysis Skill Development

Group observations are unique with differences based on individual objectivity and subjectivity. In this regard, persons may pass a different judgment in consideration of a given factor that is completely the opposite of another person judging the same action. In a group, it is possible for individuals to be moved by their subjectivity or the objective and motives that they develop from a given action. In a similar manner, while coding the 12 Angry Men play, I established separate transcript coding as well as ratings of the film.

According to the findings, the inter-rater reliability established are based on different factors as shown in the table below.

GUIDELINES : 350-500 words

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