assignment 1143

Part A:

  1. How are browsers being used to mine crypto currency? (1 pt)
  2. Find an example of malvertising. Provide a screen shot of the malvertising. (2 pts) Provide the details on how and where you when you encountered the malvertising. (1 pts) [3 pts total]
  3. Review two Gmail-plugins (or your email provider) to help manage phishing and inbox overload. Provide the plug-in name, URL, and a two sentence description (2 pts)
  4. Compare and contrast the browsers “tails”, “brave”, and “chrome” from an Internet Security perspective. (6 pts)
    1. Create the three column table. Fill in five additional security – replace Example A-E. I have provided an example of a security feature (JavaScript Blocker) for each browser.
      1. Security Features Tails Brave Chrome
        Example A
        Example B
        Example C
        Example D
        Example E
        JavaScriptBlocker Yes Default setting – scripts blocked Plug-in required – Example – ScriptBlock
  5. How many cookies are on your computer and provide the contents of a single cookie? (1 pt)
  6. Review the advanced settings in your browser.
    1. Identify and describe two advanced settings that you were not aware of that were configurable in your browser (2 pts)

part B :

    1. Imagine you are the IT director for a company (you already are at least a sole proprietor). Create a memo for employees listing security eight guidelines for using company laptops on public wireless networks. (4 pts)
    2. Create a screen capture of your router’s login page. Attempt to login – where you successful or not successful? How could you find the username and password if you did not know the credentials? (3 pts)
      1. If you do not have access to the router, seek out the capabilities/features of the following->…
        1. List three features you could change to improve your security
        2. List three features you could change to negatively impact your security
    3. Consider the activities completed in class, how have the activities made your re-think or update the way you use wireless networks. What are the consequences/tradeoffs for making security updates? If nothing made you re-think your mobile security, perform research to identify a security concept that was impactful. (3 pts)
    4. What is the operating system and version of your mobile phone? What features were included in the most recent update and patch? (2 pts)
      1. Example: IOS 12 (Update) and iOS 12.01 (patch)
    5. Consider the allegation that the president’s phone has been compromised. Explain six differences between a standard commercial phone and a hardened phone that a dignitary or security-official (say the NSA director) would use. (3 pts)

Part C:

    1. The chapter defines privacy and risk associated with unprotected private data. (4 pts)
      1. What do you consider private? (2 pts)
      2. What information, if stolen, would you feel violated your privacy? (2 pts)
      3. I do not want specifics – I am talking generalities to get you thinking about privacy – do not cite specific instances or examples.
      4. These should be at least 8 sentences each
    2. Try to use AES encryption ( on your name in all lowercase letters using “BUIS367” as the key and then try using all uppercase letters using the same key.
      1. Document your results below (2 pts)
    3. Apple recently provided a Security Overview of their Apple T2 Security Chip ( Identify three aspects of the chip that will protect your privacy. Provide at least a six sentence description for each of the identified aspects (6 pts)
    4. The previous questions were personal in nature. Consider three aspects of privacy that are pertinent to an organization (ie What does an organization need to protect)? Document these three aspects and provide strategies and/or solutions to maintain privacy.Responses should be at least six sentences each. (3 pts)
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