assignment final project

assignment final project

Assignment: Final Project

Since Week 1, you have been applying fundamental elements of photography to compose a photographic series in order to highlight a theme or communicate a story. This week, you compose the last photograph in your series to reflect a logical conclusion to your series. You then write an assessment of your success in communicating the theme and message or story.

Please be sure your Final Project meets the specified criteria before submitting it to the Assignment submission link and the Week 6 Discussion Board (which is where you will participate in peer critique).

To prepare for this Final Project:

Compile and include your photographic presentations from Weeks 1–4 in the Final Project photographic series template or your own PowerPoint format. Review the Milestone Assignments in the Final Project Summary to assure that you have included all elements of your project. Consider the process that you used to create each photograph in your photographic series.

The Assignment:

  • Compose the last photograph in your series to reflect a logical conclusion to your photographic series that communicates the theme of the message or story chosen in Week 1.
  • Compile your complete 5-photograph series.
  • Write a 4 paragraph assessment of your success in conveying the theme and message or story through your photographic series. Include answers to the following questions:
    • Are there any elements of photography in your photographic series that you would change? How might this change the perception of the viewer? How might this change the message or story of the photographic series?
    • What considerations did you make in respect to the process of your photographic series to influence the perception of the viewer?
    • How will the viewer benefit from your photographic series?


Freeman, M. (2013).
The photographer’s eye: Graphic guide: Instantly understand composition & design for better digital photos. Burlington, MA: Focal Press.

  • Chapter 8, “Color” (pp. 138–153)

    This chapter describes aspects of color photography, including the uses of rich color, pastel hues, muted color, contrast, and accent, and the relationship between color and theme.

The following websites comprise galleries that allow you to experience the fundamental elements of photographic art.

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The following templates may assist you in preparing your weekly photography assignments in preparation for the Final Project due in Week 5.

Document: Final Project Photographic Series Template (PowerPoint presentation)

Document: Final Project Summary (PDF)

Optional Resources

Meyerowitz, J. (2012). A question of color—answered. Lens [Blog]. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Erwitt, M. (2013, September 27). Elliott Erwitt, coloring outside the lines. The New York Times. Retrieved from


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