base on the article answer the question

base on the article answer the question

Module 11 The Impact of Body Image on Leisure Choices

Submit Main Post to discussion board by 11:59 pm Thursday and Respond to two classmates by 11:59 pm Saturday.

Read the articles for Module 11 “Let’s Get Physical” and watch the Ted Talk Stripping Away Negative Body Image. Read the Body Image-questionnaire-and-artilce on how-to-love-your-body-and-yourself

Take the body image questionnaire. you will not be asked to share your results.

1. What is the difference between body image and self esteem?

2. What is the connection between body image and leisure or recreation choices?

3. What are the fears/thoughts/feelings of someone who has limited themselves in their activity choices based on body image and self esteem issues?

4. What are some ways (either from the articles or your ideas) to overcome fears/thoughts/feelings for those who limit their activities based on on body image and self esteem issues?

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