can someone please answer movie questions for me

can someone please answer movie questions for me

I need someone to watch a video for me and answers questions with the movie. The movie is almost two hours longs. The movie is called Crash.

Please answer all of the questions in complete sentences. No plagiarism. Meaning every single word must be yours!!!

No spelling or grammatical errors


The movie is free!! .…

Questions below

1. Explain how the following quotation from the opening of Crash can be explained as a manifestation of Anomie Theory.

“In L.A., nobody touches you. We’re always behind this metal and glass,” Graham (Don Cheadle) muses after a car crash. “It’s the sense of touch. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something”

2. From a criminal justice perspective, which of the subplots had the strongest resonance for you?

3. List two characters that are succumbing to Anomic Pressure and engaging in illegitimate means to achieve legitimate goals. Please explain the goal and means.(4)

4. List two characters that are engaging in illegitimate activity without suffering from any Anomic pressure. Please explain the illegitimate activity and lack of anomic pressure. (4)

5. Which character, in which situation, in your estimation maintained the most integrity when confronted with corruption? Explain your answer.

6. How do you think Shaw and McKay would explain the “social disorganization” that the city of Los Angeles represents? Use two specific examples to apply to the theory.(4)

7. Explain how differential association can explain how Lara in a time of crisis was able to think so quickly about her “invisible cloak”?(4)

a. What was frequent?

b. What was the duration?

c. Where does the intensity come from?

d. Where does the priority come from?

8. Choose a scene within your subplot where you would like to hit the pause button and “do an intervention” as a CJC professional.(you can either substitute yourself for a character or insert yourself as new one) (4)

a. Describe the scene and the time when you would hit pause.

b. Describe the nature of your intervention.

c. State the immediate objective of your intervention.

d. Explain how your intervention avoids the impending “crash”.

9. As a CJC professional what biases or prejudgments can you expect based on your professional appearance that may interfere with your ability to do your job effectively?

10. Are you aware of strategies where you can “flip” the misperception about you into a “bridge” to connect with your “client” rather than facing a wall? If so, please share one of your strategies?

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