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  • Research Paper •

Use the Barrett texts to help describe, interpret and analyse images from a contemporary photographer with a gallery or museum reputation.


  1. Compare two pieces of a notable photographer’s work.
  2. Compare two images from different photographers or from different decades by the same photographer.
  3. Couch an image in its historical context.


You must cite at least one physical monograph – a book, journal, or magazine.

You can use credible online sources. Try to find well regarded resources. Be careful of blogs. Some are good, some not.


Three pages long.

11pt type max, double-spaced. 1 inch margins all sides.

A separate cover page (not part of the 2 pages). Put your name on it, the name of the artist, the title and date of the work and an image of the artwork.

No header with names or titles. Not needed as the information will be on the cover page.


  1. State the basics: internal information, artist basic information, title, size, year, and medium of work. Any paper that omits the artist, titles or year or will be given an F.
  2. Read the Barrett Chapters and sample reviews for assistance.
  3. Your job is to provide understanding of the image that you have research. Understanding is the meaning of the work grounded in description as evidence for the meaning.
  4. Building upon the description offer an interpretation of the meaning of the image.
  5. Do not describe the image in its entirety, use description to highlight to the reader important elements. Make rich and accurate description.
  6. Provide context. Context can be external information, or references to the work that illuminate your points. This can be taken from the gallery press release, any didactic labels, website, book or article, but you MUST cite. See plagiarism below.
  7. I’m looking for you to demonstrate your understanding of the image, not your opinion.


If you cite any works, use APA style.

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