case brief 48

The purpose of Assignment 3 is to help law students to learn how to encapsulate and analyze the mountainous mass of material that they sometimes must digest. It represents a final product after reading a case, re-reading it, taking it apart, and putting it back together again. The Case brief serves as a tool for self-instruction and referencing. Usually, it takes a form of report.In this report, you should simply provide properly documented factual information about following elements of brief:

(a) Facts (name of the case and its parties, what happened factually and procedurally, and the judgment)

(b) Issues (what is in dispute)

(c) Decision (the applied rule of law)

(d) Rationale (reasons for the Decision).

Written Paper approximately 3-4 pages Times New Roman or Arial 12 point. Cover page with your name, ID number, course etc.

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