case study 5 3

For Case Study #5, we are going to be doing something different than we have in other sections. For this study, you as the student will be doing research on a topic and will then put together a little 1-2-page post for your fellow classmates to read.

The topic of which we will be covering during this case study is Congenital Heart Diseases. As we learned, there are many different types of congenital heart diseases that can exist amongst neonates and infants. These heart diseases can fall into groups of “Cyanotic” and “Acyanotic.” These patients can present with unique signs and symptoms that can assist us as healthcare providers in determining which congenital heart disease is present as well as the path of treatment that we need to take with that patient.

For an example, in some congenital heart diseases, the patients are dependent on having an “open duct.” Oxygen, as we are taught is usually a safe medication, however, can be lethal in these types of patients as they need that duct to remain open and by administering oxygen, we can cause it to close which can result in many complications for that patient.

Here are some of the things to include in your assignment:
1) Which congenital heart disease you choose? 2) Is it a cyanotic or acyanotic heart disease? 3) What general impression and physical assessments findings may one come upon when assessing this patient? 4) What type of vital signs can we expect to see? Any unique 12-lead presentations? 5) What treatments and interventions are provided for the treatment of this congenital heart disease?
Additional Notes:
1) You may have to use other resources besides your textbook for this assignment. 2) This assignment does not to be in an “essay” format. Get creative with this project and include some pictures, diagrams, etc.! For an example, if they have “Tet spells” or “VSD” then show pictures of what that can look like.


3) By reviewing your classmate’s posts, you will be presented with a lot of great information that can help prepare you for the flight and critical care exams such as how cyanotic and acyanotic congenital heart disease patients present along with the interventions and treatments that we need to perform for them. 4) Your post to your classmates can be anything from additional information that you have learned from calls you were on to information you learned from when you were researching your topic.

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