case study section2 one paragraph half page

case study section2 one paragraph half page

Read the case study Page 45 – Page 56 (Case study 6 volume 2) and just write section 2 as 1 paragraph(150-200words)

Case study name is sport licensing and internationaliztion: a case analysis of the Reebok Bike Business.

Section One – Background

State the salient FACTS of the case. Provide a thorough background and history of the company. Be concise and precise. One page or less

Section Two – Problem Statement

Thoroughly state the central problem, NOT the symptoms of the problem, found in the body of the case.

One paragraph

Section Three – SWOT analysis

LIST in rank order the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the company which is the subject of this case study. Four lists with at least 4 points under each category (SWOT). NOTE: In Cases # 3 & # 4 create a SWOT Matrix

Section Four – Alternative Solutions

LIST a minimum of four alternative solutions and a minimum of two benefits (pros) and two consequences (cons) associated with each alternative solution. Four alternative solutions with 2 pros and 2 cons each.

Section Five – Conclusion and Recommendation

Design an action plan to solve the original problem. Include a minimum of three recommendations which addresses the original problem statement. Evaluate the risks and rewards of each of your recommendations. Write a conclusion of the outcomes you foresee from your recommendations.

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