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Kenia Trujillo

Child Development


Alma Villanueva

September 16, 2016


Healthy development is very crucial to the growth of all infants. The life of children revolves around their caregivers or parents. Parents and caregivers are the sources of safety, love, security, nurturance, support and understanding for children. It is the right of every child to get a safe life free from abuse. In this paper, we shall review an article on child abuse by parents and the influence of the story to a child’s psychological development.

It was the 6th of July in South Australia where a biological father and stepmother were arrested for frequently abusing their young girl and boy (Candice Prosser, 2016). The children were bitten, tied in trees, locked out of the house, put under cold conditions such as under cold showers and the girl raped by the father. These abuses by the parents created an environment of fear and degradation for the two children. The trauma they caused to these kids cannot be erased.

Child abuse does not end the time the abuse ends, it is long lasting and can severely affect daily development. Child abuse encroaches upon the trust at the core of a child’s relationship with the world. The moment this relationship becomes betrayal, a damaging scheme or customary main beliefs develops. This negative core schema often affects a person’s ability to create and endure important affections throughout life. Physical child abuse leads to unhappy life in the future. It may cause isolation or social disconnection from friends leading to an increased risk of living alone. Also child, abuse can result in behavioral health effects such as suicidal behavior and the augmented likelihood of drug abuse. Depression, low self-esteem, and aggressive behaviors are believed to be influenced by child abuse. These effects lead to poor development as psychological development is concerned.

Due to the increased abuse, psychological development of infants has been affected. To solve this problem, several strategies should be laid down. Such include intervening to reduce harm and abuse, strengthening economic supports, enhancing parental skills and providing quality care and education. Most abuse is caused by parents being unable to provide for their children. These are some of the strategies can help solve the problem of child abuse leading to a healthier child development.


In conclusion, child development is paramount to every child’s future. It is imperative for the society to establish a framework of prevention strategies, to prevent child abuse so that psychological development in children can be enhanced.


 Candice Prosser (2016), Children locked in cages, tied to trees, assaulted by parents, court told,-tied-to-trees,-raped court hears/7574428

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