communication and organizational effectiveness 1

communication and organizational effectiveness 1

As you discovered in your course readings, “Leaders’ communication can have profound effects on the behavior of individuals in their circles” (Gamble & Gamble, 2013, p. 44). Both communication and leadership styles will impact the attitudes and productivity of followers.

After observing and interacting with the Riverbend City: Communication and Organizational Effectivenessscenario, use the readings for this unit and previous units to address the following:

Analyze the issue you are facing as the leader in this scenario.

Describe the leadership style(s) that will best complement the needs of the work team, including supporting leadership theory/ies.

o Describe the communication and listening style(s) that are best suited for this scenario.

o Describe the role of social networking and technology communications in addressing the situation.

o Use the leadership Perspective Model (see Figure 5.1 in the Leading With Communication text on pages 92–93), and predict the most important areas of focus and perceptions of the followers in the scenario.

o Describe the manner in which your leadership actions and communication strategies will ensure interpersonal and organizational effectiveness.

o Describe the role of communication in resolving the issue.

~APA formatting.

~Use a minimum of three scholarly sources outside of the course text. All literature cited should be current, with publication dates within the past five years.

~ 6–8 pages, double spaced.

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