complete 1 page humanities myth task watts

complete 1 page humanities myth task watts

Think of a natural phenomena that you would like to explain. Pick one natural phenomena and create a myth that explains how this phenomena was created or why it acts the way it does. Remember, most myths have two functions:

  1. To explain how something was created or why it is the way it is.
  2. To teach us a life lesson (Have a theme).

Your myth should be at least one page double-spaced. Use MLA format for your first page heading. Your grade will be based on your creativity and storytelling ability.

Some ideas for you if you are really stuck:

  • how cats got their tails
  • how the sun came into being
  • why the moon disappears once a month
  • why giraffes have long necks
  • why there is dew on the grass in the summer
  • why dogs bark instead of chirp
  • why penguins can’t fly
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