coms 108 assignment

Please read each question carefully and answer thoroughly. Questions that are not answered with sufficient detail will not receive full credit. Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 100 possible points.

1. What is a frame of reference? Identify two frames of reference and explain how they occur.

2. When individuals are facing communication apprehension, they can use cognitive restructuring to help them deal with the effects of CA. Define cognitive restructuring and describe its 3-step process.

3. Name and describe the vocal aspects of delivering a speech.

4. Which two methods of preparation or practice do you find most helpful in preparing you to deliver your speech? Why?

5. What is the purpose of using visual aids? Identify five types of visual aids and give examples of how they can be used.

6. What are the ways that visual aids can harm a presentation?

7. Identify three barriers to achieving intercultural communication competence and give examples of each.

8. What are four reasons for learning how to speak to a global audience?

9. List the two types of communication styles and explain their key characteristics.

10. List and describe the four types of informative speeches. Give examples of each.

11. Individuals have different ways of learning. Name the four learning styles put forth by the VARK Model of Learning and describe how individuals learn.

12. What is persuasion? What are persuasive speeches? What is the difference between persuasive speeches and informative speeches?

13. List and describe the types of persuasive speeches.

14. Identify inductive, deductive, and causal reasoning. Give examples of when each should be used.

15. What are two purposes of special occasion speeches?

16. What are the general guidelines for special occasion speeches?

17. Identify the importance of cohesiveness within a group.

18. Identify and describe the elements of organizing your group presentation for your audience.

19. Describe the difference between a group, a team, and a speaking group.

20. List and define the three types of interaction roles.

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