criminal justice 245

1) You have been hired, as a consultant, by a large criminal justice agency, which is struggling with organizational transformation issues. You are to identify and discuss the main issues commonly involved with organizational transformation within the context of the various organizational frames. (20 points)

(2)Discuss the major environmental influences on criminal justice organizations. (20 points)
Identify and discuss the various steps and barriers to communications and provide examples using criminal justice organizational settings. (20 points)

(3) The chief of the department has asked you to explain the pros and cons of both the Quality Circle Program and the Management by Objective Program before deciding which program to adopt in the department as a motivational tool to improve organizational goals and outcomes. Describe what recent research has revealed regarding the effectiveness of both these programs. (20 points)

(4) Explain how leadership investment strategies are critical to criminal justice organizations. Why do so few criminal justice organizations not invest in them? (20 points)
Each question is worth 20 points. Each answer must be at least 250 words, double-spaced, with citations for stated facts.

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