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1. Remote workforce management can be a hectic challenge however, it is definitely possible to accomplish.

How do you manage people remotely?

Response: Modern technology makes it easier for managers to maintain accurate accountability of the personal that they are responsible for. “There are clear trends towards increased virtual work and greater reliance on technology” [Staples, D. S., Hulland, J. S., & Higgins, C. A. 1999]. This increase in technology aids managers in doing the job effectively and efficiently from virtually any location around the globe.

How do you make sure that they are included in the team?

Response: This can be accomplished by open transparency and consistent communications. This open communication includes fielding questions and concerns from the personal that are assigned to the organization.

What if there are many countries involved?

Response: The internet allows for rapid and effective communications and management across the country and around the world. “In most cases, an international or national organisation will withdraw or reduce its international or senior management staff in its area of operations and shift responsibility for aid delivery to more junior national staff, local partner organisations, or contractors” [Donini, A., & Maxwell, D. 2013].

How do you provide them access into the network securely?

Response: This should be accomplished through a secure server that allows for access into the organizations network. The highest security standards should be adhered to and all appropriate security configurations such as encryption etc should be utilized.

Especially if they are coming in from other countries that are known for infiltrating networks?

Response: The strictest of postures should be implemented and adhered to in these instances. If the organization has business dealing located in areas known for high concentrations of cyber crime the every possible precaution should be taken to ensure maximum protection is implemented to protect organizational assets from such threats.


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2. How do you manage people remotely?

I think that managing remotely not only takes more skill and consistency, but a higher level of dedication. There are many modes and styles of communication in today’s workforce, email, instant message, WebEx meetings, or even phone calls (Nevogt, 2016). Any of the modes of communication are acceptable as long as the messages are being delivered properly and consistently.

How do you make sure that they are included in the team?

Personally I need that daily contact with my team to feel part of the team. Just about 8 months ago my husband received orders and I thought I was going to have to quit my job. Luckily the company I work for has offices almost everywhere, they worked with me and allowed for me to move and work remotely from another office in another state. I thought that over time I would feel detached from my team and that it would not be the same anymore; yet my manager has integrated daily meetings of about 20 minutes just for us to have communication and remain as a team, as well as team meetings monthly, and one on one meetings once to twice a month. I may be 800 miles away but I feel as close to my team as I did working in the office with them. This is simply at a team level, at a company level there are monthly communication letters where you get to know other employees, monthly recess through WebEx meetings, and corporate meetings; the company really does a good job encouraging and keeping employees involved. The approach that my manager has taken to accommodate time for huddles, schedule team and personal meetings, and maintaining an open communication is how I would make sure everybody feels included in the team.

How do you provide them access into the network securely?

A company involved in various countries can provide network access to employees through corporate computers or laptops, for ease to commute, which are securely managed by the company and locked for the main purpose of work use. By accessing the companies network through a multi user home PC can be devastating, since this could be compromised and in consequence attack the company’s networks (X Solutions, 2014). Added security could be the need to insert a personal smart card in order to function the company laptop, and the use of a RSA token to access the intranet. I think these security techniques will provide a high level of security from whichever the country the user is logging in from.


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