Report Issue
1.Discuss how your personal value relate to your choice of nursing as a profession,discuss how you think this will relate to your nursing practice in future you come on duty you check your client chart and notice that he received an injection of demerol 100mg at 2pm and again 3.30pm today, 2 different nurse administered this injection, administration of medication is ordered every 4 hours

a.what action would you take and why?

b.what legal implications apply to this situation

c.discuss this situation in relationship to the importance of documentation

d.has a crime been committed?why or why not? see a licensed nurse at the facility where you work take some money out of a coworkers backpack.what action would you take and why? how does the scenario affect your coworker nursing license? how could it affect your nursing license?. are working part-time in a hospital while you attend school.a patient there is being discharged tomorrow and ask you on a date next Saturday

(assume that you are attractive to your patient)

a.what is your response? why?

b.what are the legal implication of dating a client?

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