defend or refute one and only one of the following prompts

defend or refute one and only one of the following prompts

Defend or Refute ONE (and only one) of the following prompts, making sure to offer a nuanced (two- or more-sided) perspective on the issue, with relevant historical examples deployed to support your assertions:

  1. The Industrial Revolution’s primary effect was the economic boom and general increase of wealth created by the automation of labor.
  2. The primary motivation for European powers (and others) to engage in imperialism in the 19th century was nationalistic pride.
  3. The Mughal Empire was destroyed by the anti-inclusive policies of Aurangzeb.
  4. Nationalism was always a unifying force in the 19th Century.
  5. Capitalism is, in all ways, a better economic and social system than Socialism.

Choose one and defend or refute one.

It will be around 500 words.

The paper is due before this November 7 .

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