Develop A personal Philosophy

Before you begin this essay assignment, take the Personality test: FREE PERSONALITY TEST (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The Assignment:

Develop a Personal Philosophy A personal philosophy statement serves as an introduction to you, focusing more on your beliefs and values than on life experiences and biographical data.

These are most often used in teaching programs and apply specifically to your ideas about teaching and learning. However, you might be asked to write a personal philosophy statement as a college assignment or for an application when applying for a job, a scholarship, or for admission to a university or program.

To define your personal philosophy, answer six key questions:

What do you get up each and every morning wanting to do? What directs your actions and decisions, especially the impulsive ones? Gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day? What feeling is at the core of your soul that you know to be true or self-evident about yourself? Is important to you? What are your personal and career goals?

Compose 1-2 pages (Word document in MLA 8 format):

Write the introduction to your personal philosophy statement. Begin with a strong sentence that clarifies who you are. Consider telling a brief story about a significant event or person in your life or starting with a well-known quote. Then, explain how this connects to your philosophy.

Write 2-3 paragraphs guided by your answers to the above 6 questions and the results of your personality test. Finish with a powerful conclusion. End with a paragraph that summarizing your main points and overall philosophy. Leave a lasting impression on your readers.

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