discussion board 535

Here are brief descriptions of the styles:

  • Slice of Life: “Typical” people using the product in a normal setting
  • Lifestyle: Product that fits a particular lifestyle
  • Fantasy: This style creates a fantasy around the product
  • Mood or Image: Builds a mood or image around the product
  • Musical: This shows people or cartoon characters singing about the product
  • Personality Symbol: Creates a character that represents the product. This could be real or animated
  • Technical expertise: Shows the company’s expertise in making the prouct
  • Scientific evidence: Presents survey or scientific evidence that the brand is better liked than one or more other brands
  • Testimonial evidence or endorsement: Features a highly believable or likable source endorsing the product

Discussion Question: Describe a product or company that engages in one of these styles and how effective are they in getting their message out. Explain the style and what you like or dislike about it.

Sample: The Sonic commercials use both Slice of Life and Fantasy in their commercials. The two actors are sitting in their car eating a Sonic product (Slice of Life) and thinking up strange things about the products (Fantasy). One example is servers standing in line with each flavor of shakes for them to try surrounding their car and the actor has bought one of each flavor to try. There are 25 flavors of shakes and 25 servers waiting to give the shakes to the actors.

I like how the actors come up with funny ideas about Sonic product while sitting in their car eating the meal. It is effective way of marketing Sonic.

Here is one of their commercials:


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