discussion post 832


Is there such a thing as personality? Is it stable or adaptable? If there is a personality, what does it entail? What is the ‘stuff’ of personality? Is it our memories, experiences, genetics, or a combination of them and if so what contributes more or less. These are the types of questions researchers have asked for decades and the answers are still very much just as complex as they have ever been. For this post, I would like you to take a personality test online that relates to the Traits theory of personality and more specifically to the OCEAN or Big Five personality factors and discuss with us your results and more importantly in what ways you agree or disagree with them. Do you think these would change over time or remain stable. Do you think that if you suddenly woke up with no memory of your life, you could take this test and somehow score the same way? Share your thoughts and reply to at least on of your classmates. There are several of these test available free online so select the one you like.

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