discussion xi major themes in modern world history

discussion xi major themes in modern world history

This forum is for us to discuss major themes in the course. These these could include the essay topics on Essays and Reflections IV, as well as other major themes you might find helpful to discuss. The main idea is that “major themes” are big ideas that relate to various topics we have covered; they connect various parts of the course and also involve various parts of the world. (Besides the seven themes listed on Essays and Reflections IV, I can think of a few more, such as Nationalism, War and Peace, and Cultural Exchange.)

The forum is officially worth 30 points, but you can earn up to 36 points if you interact with a variety of students and contribute a great deal.

Please start a thread if you are writing about a topic that has not already been introduced in the forum. Otherwise, please respond to an existing thread. If you start a thread, please give it the short title of the question you are writing about. For example, you might write about “Women” or “Imperialism.”

Please do not start more than one thread…the idea is to get great topics going and support each other. Most (or all) of your posts should be responses to other students.

You can get up to six points for a really good paragraph on a topic. Please make sure you are adding something to the discussion that has not already been said. Please limit each post to about five or six sentences. It is good to join existing threads and agree/disagree with earlier posts. (You want to do at least five posts of six pts each, to earn 30 pts.)

Please either start a thread or respond to an existing thread by Wednesday, December 4. The forum will remain open to through Monday, December 9, to allow for more interactions. I encourage to do the forum while you are working on the Essays and Reflections.

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