doing a research and write a shot brief of financing news

doing a research and write a shot brief of financing news

General rubric for project grading(may vary slightly to match project type). You are a business major, when working on any project, pretend that this is a job, I am the “boss” of the assignment and I expect to be satisfied with the work that you submit to me. Put yourself in my shoes, what would you expect from your employees?

1) Did you do what I asked in entirety?

2) Is the project clear and easy to understand?

3) Conceptually, do you understand what you are doing?

4) Layout: does it look nice, clean, easy to follow, and professional?

Assignment instruction:

I would like you to find TWO recent (nothing earlier than June 2019, and preferably very recent) news stories that relate to material we have covered in this course. For each story, either paste the link or write the title of the article (you do not need to write a formal bibliography), and then provide no more than three paragraphs (and preferably just one to two) on how the article related to the course. You can also add some additional information (see what this means in the example I give below when I write “I learned in class that…….”). The stories should cover different topics: in other words, do not send me three stories on the bond market. Once again, see a small sample assignment below.

TIPS: The best source is probably the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, but any source is good. There are alternate ways to access them:

1. Many stories in the Wall Street Journal are not available for free, use the ‘business’, ‘markets’, ‘tech’ tabs to work your way to find stories related to class.

2. Go to library website, search “Wall Street Journal”, click on “online access” and through Factiva, you can see articles by date and narrow by topic.

3. Google the exact title of the story. Sometimes other sites pick up the story and present it in full.

4. Another source is the CFO Journal. Just google “CFO Journal”. Other free sources:

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