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The process of developing the standards of nursing practice include the 11 members of the Colorado Board of Nursing and the Nurse Practice Act. As detailed in Dynamics in nursing, each board of nursing has police power to protect the public from harmful nursing practice. The board’s primary objective is to serve the public, not nurses (Green, 2018).

Supported by the American Nurses Association, the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is a professional association that is dedicated to the excellence in oncology nursing care. Since its official incorporation in 1975, ONS has become a leader in cancer care, and advocates for oncology nurses at the national level (2018).

A central line-associated bloodstream (Clabsi) is a serious complication for the immunocompromised cancer patient. This is how a cancer patient receives treatment, whether its chemotherapy or a lifesaving blood transfusion. If it becomes infected this could mean their life is in jeopardy.

According to the Clinical journal of oncology nursing, infection risks associated with long-term CVCs in patients with cancer relies on meticulous line care. The nursing standard of care for a central venous catheter includes, (yet not limited to) scrubbing the hub, minimizing line accesses, optimizing line flushes, the use of alcohol- or antibioticimpregnated caps, and timely removal of lines (Weingart & Hsieh et al.).


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