draft bc dr plan

draft bc dr plan

This is the second assignment of the phased activity. The objective is to develop a draft BC/DR Plan according to researched industry standards and best practices.

Please use the detailed template provided as a separate attachment as an outline. Each will complete all components of the assignment by the due date indicated in the syllabus schedule. Since this is a draft, you may only have some preliminary data in several sections. This is fine with the expectations that you will be maturing these sections. However, please strive to arrive at some preliminary information for each section.

There are five primary (or high level) sections to this draft plan that is detailed in the rubric:

  • Draft plan purpose and invoking the plan (sections 1-11 in template)
  • Response Scenarios (to map to risk area of your 1st assignment) – Sections 12-20 in template
  • Draft plan review and maintenance, diagrams and plan checklist (Sections 13-15 in template)
  • Incident notification, COAs, and damage assessment (Sections 16-19 in template)
  • Business recovery phase & Appendix (Sections 20-21 in template with Appendix)
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