draft for research essay

Draft, Review, and Reflect:

  1. Step 1: Complete a rough draft of your research paper. When it is complete, write three categories in which you feel your essay could be stronger, or choose areas in which your writing has shown weakness in the past. Also remember to submit this draft to TurnItIn.com! It will allow you and your instructor to see the “originality index” which will help you determine if you are using too many sources. Depending on its length, your paper should fall below 25 to 30 percent similarity in terms of the use of outside sources.

Research Question: What are the primary ways of decreasing recidivism in women offenders who have substance abuse issues?

This must be turned into a clear concise thesis statement.

Putting the Draft Together

Now that you have a sentence outline (sentence outline attached), you should easily be able to take the pieces and put them together. After you have your draft together, read it a couple of times – especially out loud, correcting basic mistakes you may find.

As you put this draft together, remember that it must be 8-10 pages in length, include a minimum of five sources, contain a Works Cited page, and be formatted in MLA style. The title page and Works Cited page do not count toward the final page requirement.

I have included my sentence outline as well as my annotated bibliography. Please read my instructor’s feedback regarding my sentence outline and take into consideration when developing the draft:


You have some good research here, and you are on your way to a solid research paper. I am going to share a few pieces of advice so that you will be successful. Please visit the links I provide as well as the links provided in turnitin.com. It is important that you see my specific comments here.

The thesis must clearly assert an arguable judgment, and this argument should not be self-evident. If a reasonable audience is unable to argue your point , then the argument is too weak. One way to make sure your thesis is arguable is to use words like “need” and “must”. Another way is to present the opposition by using “Although” in your thesis. A solid thesis is clear, concise, specific and arguable. You should consider including a road map for your reader with including the how or why to your thesis. The thesis you have is too specific for your paper. Your thesis is about drug abuse, but you present other factors that cause recidivism.

Remember that your thesis is your promise to the audience. You should have only one focus, and that is to prove your thesis. Your topic sentences should support your thesis and provide the organization for your body paragraphs. Additionally, each body paragraph should have only one focus. Think of your thesis as X. You have only one reason for your paper and that is to prove X. You will use A, B, C, D and E to prove X. Therefore, nothing in your paper should be included unless it proves X. Make sure that every topic sentence supports X.

Make sure you avoid first and second person. This means you should avoid I, we, us, you. You should also avoid contractions.

Write concisely. Readers should not have to wade through words to find meaning. Many writers make this mistake. Choose your words and work on concision. Visit this link to learn more.


Think about submitting your work through Smarthinking. The link is located on your homepage under the Services tab. This is a student support service with peer reviewers and tutors can help you revise and edit. They will focus on the areas you request, and the turnaround time is usually 24-72 hours

I am also including a link to an MLA sample paper. It is a good idea to compare your paper with the example provided.

MLA Sample Papers

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