education essay 3

education essay 3

Essay 2: Education Essay

Background Readings:


Analyze a significant issue in education and propose a specific solution.

Thesis statement: Your thesis introduces the issue, its significance, and your proposed solution.

Evidence: Use at least one quote from the essays you have read for class, as well as two or more quotes or paraphrases from your Library research. Since this is not a personal essay, using “I,” except for the use of anecdotes, is not appropriate

Consider these Questions:

  1. Why is this issue significant?
  2. What are different aspects of the issue?
  3. What are some of the challenges this issue creates? Who does it impact?
  4. What factors contribute to or cause the issue?
  5. What possible solutions are being proposed?
  6. What resources might be involved in the solution?
  7. What are some of the limitations of these solutions?

Requirements: MLA compliance. See below and check off when done:

2-4 pages

12 point font 1 inch margins on all sides. Left margin justified

Full name, class, professor, assignment, and date in left hand corner

Page number in right hand corner

Title Centered, unbolded, first letter of each content word capped

Double space entire essay (NO space between paragraphs)

Indent five spaces for paragraph

Works Cited list and in-text citations correctly formatted

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