Eng315 week 3 discussion and response

Eng315 week 3 discussion and response

Format and the Professional World”

Select ONE of the following:

  1. There are several different formats (emails, letters, reports, slides, and more) we will study this quarter. How important is the format in connecting with an audience? Defend your answer with relevant support.
  2. Consider a time when the way a message was delivered to you made a difference. What were your expectations about the message and how were they influenced or changed by the manner in which the information was delivered?

Also respond to :

Mandy Taylor

RE: Week 3 | Discussion

Recently, my company shared some really important news to its employees. Instead of sharing the news by email as normal or a meeting with managers. My company made a comfy wide webcast in real time to share the news. What made it so different was very nice to know everyone in the company was hearing the news for the first time. To me that was exciting and made me feel more involved.


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