essay on the book between the world and me by ta nehisi coates

essay on the book between the world and me by ta nehisi coates

**person doing this essay must have read the book between the world and me by Ta- Nehisi Coates **

The Dream is a difficult subject to tackle. Evaluate the argument made about the Dream. You can approach this by answering following questions: What, exactly, is “the Dream” as Coates describes it? Who is able to experience the Dream? What prevents Coates and his loved ones from realizing that same Dream? How does Coates’s version of the Dream differ from other, idealized versions of the Dream favored by popular media, literature, and other outlets? Why might Coates’s aversion to the Dream as it is traditionally conceived be difficult for Americans to accept?

5 pages and works cited page


3 Sources One mainly being the book

****In class we discussed how the dream is an illusion of Coates what’s why the word Dream is Capitalized.

****Body paragraph must follow this template*****

Topic Sentence: Your opinion on a specific and focused topic.

Supporting Detail: Explain how you’ve come to believe this.

Supporting Detail: Give Context for research.

Research: Insert research through Summary, Paraphrase, or Direct Quote.

Supporting Detail: Explain what the research means.

Supporting Detail: Evaluate the research.

Conclusion/Transition: Conclude your point and/or transition

example paragraph I wrote

Coates dramatically catch on that his Dream was not many others Dream as well. Which causes the rest of America to not understand what black people go through based on their Dream. In the book, Coates was feeling uncomfortable while attending Howard University because of its educational system and what he was realizing, as he was there. He writes, “It began to strike me that the point of my education was a kind of discomfort, was the process that would not award me my own especial Dream but would break all the dreams, all the comforting myths of Africa, of America, and everywhere, and would leave me only with humanity in all its terribleness” (52). In other words, there are many Dreams here in the United States that can be different or similar to Coate’s Dream. Therefore, Coates argument is legitimate, since he successfully uses connotative language and pathos to reinforce his claim. ( I still have to add where in the quote he uses these.) . Conclusion/Transition: In conclusion, there are other Dreams that was Coates Dream which makes his claim true.

Professor basically wants you to find a quote that uses Pathos, ethos, pathos, connotative or denotative language that will make Coates argument true.

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