essay who is at your table

essay who is at your table

You can talk about those people and you can add some more details to it.

Also, you may add some spelling mistake or grammar mistake use basic English words too.

My father: he has grown in small town in saudi arabia and he built his self then he worked. I learned from him how to be patient.

My mother: she got married to my father 35 years a go they loved each other. She has raised us in good way.

Horses: i have been loving horses since childhood i raised loving them and went to school riding to be a professional rider and i am continuing this thing. Learned from them peaceful, happiness.

My older sister: she is smart and a great role model. She encouraged me to go to United state to study and have a bright future.

My uncle: this man is intelligence. He was not that rich but he improved his self and built his self until he got what he wanted which is a business man.

My best friend : his is Saad he is good smart guy. I learned from him many things. He helped me since my first day in the United states.

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