ethics paper 2 1

Hello I need a paper done for my ethics class. The paper is only 2-3 pages but it needs to highlight specific points that I will list below. The first reading is “The feminist Critique of liberalism” and the 2nd is a movie which is called “Sweet Home Alabama (2002)” which directly relates to the article. Please DO NOT write a summary of the reading and the movie. For this paper I need the argument that reading 1 makes and the argument that the movie makes. After that you need to chose an argument that you agree with and choose specific examples from reading and movie to support your argument and why. The paper also needs to include a thesis (In this paper I am going to argue…), Topic, Evidence, and Conclusion. I will attach the reading below and the movie is online, that you will need to read and watch in order to do the paper. Please DO NOT plagiarize from anywhere!

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