evaluating a culture essay

Your essay is 4 – 5 pages long, APA format, includes at least one properly cited source and is focused on explaining the reality of a culture.

Your introduction: This should be an introduction of the culture using the in class prompts (describe the specialized life style of those in the culture, identify subcultures, counter-cultures and products of the culture, transition into your main points that will describe how the communications “parts” of the culture create the culture).

Body of your essay: In the body of your essay, you should describe the values of the culture (from the book!), how the culture uses power and how diversity is impacting the culture. In EACH of these areas, you must include descriptions of the communication strategies that show you this is happening.

For example: This culture is very individualistic which can be seen in the consistent emphasis on individual goals, preferences and needs. Children are often told to “do your best” “follow your dreams” “found your passion.” These verbal choices tell the child that they are more important than others in the culture.

Your conclusion: Remind the reader of the most important parts of the culture – the areas that are most significant in describing the culture. Make is very clear that these communication actions/ strategies/ pieces create the actual culture.

Here is what I will be looking for through out your essay…..

– Your ability to articulate and describe the “reality” of the culture;

– Your ability to describe and apply the communication strategies that are creating this reality (verbal, nonverbal examples, describing perception, use of time, space, etc.. )

– Your ability to discuss the influences of diversity on the communication in the culture (race, gender, age, educational level, ethnicity, etc)

– Your ability to do the above by creating valid arguments that justify your analysis of the communication and persuade me that your choices are most important compared to other possible explanations for the organization functioning like it does.

Please use simple grammar as my first language is not English

No plagiarism. The notes attached will help significantly with the essay.

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