Examine A Digital Patient To Practice Communication And Physical Assessment Skills

Examine A Digital Patient To Practice Communication And Physical Assessment Skills

For this assignment, you will interview and examine a digital patient to practice communication and physical assessment skills.
To begin, use the e-mail from Words of Wisdom (WOW) to register for the Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience. You must complete the steps in the email before you can access the simulator. You will only need to do the following steps once:

  1. Open the e-mail to get your log-in information. The e-mail will have instructions that look like this.
  2. Install the Chrome Web browser.
  3. Activate your account.

Next, use the following steps to display course information and to access the Tina Jones Simulator:

  1. Log on to the Shadow Health Web site.
  2. Use the “Click here” link to view your course.

Review the following videos to get familiar with the program and the simulator:

  • Shadow Health Undergraduate Introduction Video
  • Digital Clinical Experience Orientation

Click on the Tina Jones Simulator assignment.
Complete each of the following 4 activities according to the Activity Description under each. Although there is not a time limit, you should allow 2 hours to complete this assignment:

  • Patient Exam
  • Hallway
  • Lifespan
  • Self-Reflection

Considering the Health History that you completed with Tina Jones, identify at least 2 diagnoses and justify how you have come to identify them. Locate and summarize at least 1 scholarly article for each diagnosis. Each article should support your understanding of the diagnosis selected. Also locate and summarize at least 2 scholarly articles that address evidence-based practice when treating this patient.
Please click into thisAPA Style for CTU Students link for help with APA formatting. Use the CTU Writing Style Guide (templates provided) – not the Introductory Writing Style Guide

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