examine interconnections between the 4 spheres

examine interconnections between the 4 spheres

Please examine the interconnections between the 4 spheres of our planet: atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere.

I would like for you to create a photo journal, explaining the 4 spheres and their connections with pictures and a narrative. Your project needs to have a title, an introduction, followed by your own pictures with the narratives (where you are telling me about each of the spheres’ characteristics, then explain their connections – use what is happening in your imagery to aid with this), and a conclusion. As always, make sure to cite your sources at the end (the text book, the lectures, movies, papers…) in alphabetical order.

Save your work in either Word or PDF format (if you used PowerPoint) and upload it directly onto Canvas.

This is where you link together everything you have learned about the systems of Earth, our planet’s place in the Universe, along with the sources of energy which set things in motion. Describe and show (with the pictures that you took) how the 4 spheres interact with one another via all the cycles and processes discussed in class. Think about how the spheres influence each other, set things in motion, and are thereby connected. I want you to explore your environment (your back yard, your favorite hiking trail, the college campus, places you have visited on your vacations, etc…) and incorporate what you have learned about your world in this photo journal. All pictures must be your own, no internet!

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