film discussion 4

film discussion 4

Using terms, concepts, and principles from the assigned readings for any of the previous modules, analyze the film Monsieur Vincent (1947) focusing on any topic that demonstrates critical engagement with the film.

Now that we have taken a tour of philosophical questions pertaining to human nature and society, we turn to the life and times of Vincent de Paul. What does the name above our door have to contribute to our analysis of philosophical questions? Is he a rebel, a revolutionary, a naive holy man? Does he have anything to offer our own pursuit of a meaningful life?

Module Theme:

Group Members:

Identify 2-3 philosophical questions or problems:

Pick one philosophical question or problem to address:

Identify 3-4 relevant terms, concepts, or principles from the assigned materials:

Identify 2-3 possible conclusions using the terms, concepts, or principles from the readings:

Final Thoughts:

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