final exam film philosophy

Essay 1 Resource Module:

Plato and his student, Aristotle, disagreed significantly on the nature of morals. Plato believed that if you knew the good, you would pursue it. Aristotle believed that knowing the good was not enough, you also needed virtue to pursue it. In his work Nicomachean Ethics (Books I, II), Aristotle outlines a view of living a meaningful life that continues to shape philosophy.

In this module, we will examine the nature of the good life and virtue through the film Finding Nemo (2003). What might this adorable little fish have to teach us about life?

Essay 2 Resource: You may choose a movie of your choosing to complete this or finding nemo.

Essay 3 Resource:

(My initial discussion post):

1. My name is and i was born and raised in Chicago. I am majoring in Information Technology. What I love about movies is that there is a hidden message behind every movie. I feel as if the director of the film is trying to prove a point to the audience.

2. If we were to choose between the actor(s) or director(s), which one of them would make the film an excellent film? Some people would agree that the actors create that sense of excitement for the film but the director is important because it is his/her creative vision.

3. Films contribute to help the audience by having hidden messages which are sometimes not so hidden. The audience would have to try to uncover the plot, figuring out information about the characters…ect.

4. The best film I have viewed that raises a philosophical problem would be The Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos (Super villain) obtains all the infinity stones and starts wiping the population. As evil as that sounds, Thanos believes the universe is suffering because of overpopulation. There are many reasons why overpopulation isn’t good. For humans, that includes pandemics, starvation and access to clean, fresh water. For the planet, that means pollution, climate change and the collapse of ecosystems. Thanos explained that his home world of Titan faced similar problems that Earth is facing, leading into a global catastrophe, which is why he feels as if he is responsible to ‘save’ the entire cosmos from the same thing that happened to his home planet.

Please view everything attached below before getting started. I also attached a video explaining each essay question.


Evaluated collectively, the posts do an excellent job in each of the following: (a) they identify and frame a philosophical question or problem, which may include an ethical issue, (b) they analyze, interpret, and apply terms, concepts, or methods used by a particular philosopher in the assigned readings to address a philosophical question, issue, and/or problem, using proper citation, and (c) they evaluate philosophical terms, concepts, questions, issues and/or problems using their own informed judgment. In addition, all posts must be free of grammatical or spelling errors that detract from the post.

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