final paper outline and annotated bibliography 6

final paper outline and annotated bibliography 6

Final Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography

As a future leader in government administration, it is essential that you understand the fundamental concepts, principles, and processes related to human resource management. Over the past several weeks, you have explored many of these human resource management concepts.

The Assignment must include:

  • Submit a 3- to 4-page outline of your final project paper.
  • List 10–12 peer reviewed scholarly references selected from the Walden Library databases which are no more than five years old. These should relate to the human resource management concepts from the course. Be sure that these references address the government or non-profit organization that you submitted in Week 2. (You will be using these references to complete the final part of the Final Project due in Week 10.)–-This part is done and included below
  • Complete an annotated bibliography of three of these references. Be sure to follow APA Publication Manual guidelines.

List of Peer-reviewed scholarly references from the Walden Library

Choose any three for the annotated bibliography

*The Final Paper government organization is Harford County Government

**All articles will be provided along with Final Paper instructions to do the outline.

I’ll also send a previous assignment on Harford County for this class with instructor feedback.

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