final project economic history analysis presentation

final project economic history analysis presentation

1) Research and present, in 3–4 slides, foreign trade practices and policies of the 10-year period you researched for Milestones One, Two, and Three.

a) Analyze data representing levels of U.S. imports and exports during this time. How do they relate to other economic outcomes such as the GDP, foreign exchange rates, and so on?

b) Apply specific models developed throughout the course to demonstrate how domestic and foreign events (e.g., wars, changes in trade barriers, development abroad) have impacted the level of and changes in imports and exports in the United States.

2) Draw conclusions to the research carried out throughout the course.

a) Summarize the overall trends and outcomes of this 10-year period by integrating the data, economic models, and historical analysis.

b) Defend your agreement or disagreement with the actions taken by the U.S. government during this time based upon your analysis and application of the macroeconomic theories

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